PHOTO Tricia Sheehy Skeffington Square

Tricia Sheehy Skeffington is a practising barrister with a broad civil practice spanning intellectual property, employment, defamation, landlord and tenant, housing and regulatory/administrative law.

Tricia has a particular interest in administrative decision-making processes as an advocate, decision-maker and adviser to various non court adjudicative bodies. She established the Advanced Diploma in Quasi-Judicial Decision-Making in the King’s Inns and her book The Law and Craft of Quasi-Judicial Decision-Making in Ireland is due for publication by Clarus Press in 2021.

Tricia is a member of the Criminal Injuries Compensation Tribunal and also sits as a Chair of the Mental Health Tribunal. She is a former member of the Residential Tenancies Board, its Tenancy Tribunal and the Rent Tribunal.

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