Ray M

Ray Massie,
Cyber Crime Investigation Expert & Cyber​ Forensic ​Investigator

Ray has been a professional investigator since 1990, with solid operational experience in the commercial sector, law enforcement and the military police.
A former detective his last post was with the Metropolitan Police Central eCrime Unit in London.
He has an exemplary career in serious and complex criminal investigations, with a proven track record.
His extensive experience across a wide spectrum of criminal investigation, has seen him take many cases through the British criminal justice system.
This includes high profile serious, complex and cyber cases.
Since working in the private sector he has built up and works with a network of trusted ‘like minded’ professionals, drawn from government agencies, the military, information security and computer forensics.
Combining his years an investigator with his technical skills he has been involved as a subject matter expert in cyber-crime investigation and training in many countries over the last 7 years.
He conducts computer network and digital forensic investigations, open source internet investigations and specialises in ‘live’ forensics, specifically on site and forensic collections of data for clients.

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