John Khastar

Director, security consultant and trainer

John Khastar is a former Prison Service manager and National Trainer for Her Majesty's Prison Service. John worked in a variety of prisons, including HMP Wakefield which is a high security prison housing some of the most dangerous and violent prisoners in the UK.

In 2006, John became the Training manager in Wakefield with responsibility for writing and delivering a diverse training curriculum to over one thousand members of staff. During this time John won several awards for designing an innovative training package for staff that was later adopted by the entire Prison Service.

Whilst at HMP Wakefield John became a hostage negotiator and has been involved in various negotiation incidents all of which have been successfully resolved by peaceful methods. John was also trained as a Control and Restraint trainer teaching de-escalation techniques, break away techniques, including full control and restraint of a refractory prisoner. John has also been trained as a Silver Commander for the prison service. John’s final role with the Prison Service gave him responsibility for delivering training right across England and Wales.

John now specialises in a variety of ‘Hostile Situation Training’ and ‘De-escalation and lone worker training’ for the public and private sector. He delivers this training for La Touche Training and its sister company Bond Solon.

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