Dr. Patricia Canning Square

I graduated from Queen's University Belfast (N. Ireland) where I gained my BA (First Class with Honours), MA (with Distinction), and PhD (with a toddler).

I teach Introduction to Rhetoric, Introduction to Linguistics, Stylistics, Forensic Linguistics, and Narratives of Imprisonment: From Literature to Life. 

Courses previously taught both in NL and Belfast, include 'Early Modern Literature and Culture' (Bachelor and Masters programmes), 'Language and the Law' (Masters programme), and the Bachelor courses 'Language and Power', 'Forensic Linguistics', 'Langauge and Narrative Style', 'Creative Writing', 'Research in Context', and 'Sounds of the City' (Literature). 

I advocate for impact outside university walls and have developed several community projects including using literature through shared reading in prisons, forensic mental health institutions, schools, universities, ex-prisoner community groups, and specialist cancer hospitals. 

In terms of research, I have developed two primary forensic linguistic projects: The linguistics of blame in the evidence-gathering processes following the Hillsborough Football Stadium Disaster and the investigation of victim-blaming in police and prosecutors' narratives of domestic violence crimes.

I am writing two books: From Literature to Life: Reading in Prison (Palgrave) and Discourse Analysis (with Brian Walker) (Routledge). 

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