Carol Brooks Platinum 3P

Managing Director – Platinum 3P Limited

Managing Director Gold Business Consulting Limited

"I am a Business Psychologist having studied Psychology at undergraduate level (1986) and gained an MSc Organisational Psychology from the University of Manchester (1995). I have an initial 17 years’ experience at senior leader and Board level in the public and academic sectors within Greater Manchester, followed by 13 years’ experience of building and running my own private sector businesses, providing consultancy, training and development services both within the UK and internationally.

Public Sector experience:

My early career was characterised by being appointed to roles which were new and required development and establishment with little information or blueprint. These roles were notable for the requirement to build relationships across professional groups, sectors, agencies and geographical patches, as well as needing to design and build new teams.

In the later stages of my public sector career, as I was transitioning into the private sector, I was a Non-Executive Director for four years, on the Board of one of the most complex multi-site NHS Trusts in Greater Manchester, where I contributed to achieving the merger of a number of very different organisations. I adopted the role of a “critical friend” to the executive team whilst maintaining a focus on governance, quality and performance.

Academic experience:

I was an academic Senior Fellow at the University of Manchester Centre for Public Policy and Management for 4 years (now subsumed into the Alliance Manchester Business School) during my mid-career. This role was a hybrid of traditional academic duties, such as teaching post-graduate courses and supervising masters level dissertations, and providing income generating consultancy and development services to external clients, working to income targets and performance indicators. I was instrumental in introducing a number of new “offers” and “products” and routinely delivered Board level intervention and support for clients.

Private Sector experience:

I have been leading, developing and running consultancy and training businesses for last 13 years. Of my current businesses, Gold Business Consulting Ltd tends to focus on generic leadership and change management training and consultancy for the public sector, whilst Platinum 3P is a niche consultancy and training company, active in the security space of supporting counter terrorism and organised crime.

I have a reputation amongst clients for being skilled in helping to make sense of complexity and ambiguity, and I have supported a significant number of senior leadership teams, Boards and Chief Executives/Officers through providing team development, one-to-one coaching and organisational reviews and design.

Platinum 3P

Platinum 3P is a business I incorporated 3 years ago, with a vision of blending psychological factors with technical and practitioner expertise in countering terrorism and organised crime, into products and services for clients across all sectors, private and public. We have a determination to ensure that the best practice developed in policing is transferred and shared with businesses and communities so that the capacity to prevent, protect and prepare against crime and terrorism is developed across all business sectors.

We are currently providing the following (as an illustrative example)

  • Cyber investigation and digital forensics training and consultancy – Anti Corruption in Middle East and Southern Africa
  • Cyber investigation and digital forensics training and consultancy – Counter Terrorism Middle East and North Africa
  • Cyber investigation and digital forensics training and consultancy – AML and Human Trafficking – Middle East, North Africa and Caribbean

This is on behalf of the United Nations, Foreign Commonwealth Office and Her Majesty’s Government.

Within our training activity, we also have courses running for covert online investigators, most of whom are from the corporate and private sectors, and we have partnered with other larger companies (such as Bond Solon and La Touche Training who are part of the Wilmington Group) to provide niche (cyber, psychology and investigations) training to regulated professions and agencies.

Within our consultancy activity, we are engaged in discussions with a global hotel group around security crisis response and have also engaged with the gambling industry around organised crime and intelligence.

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