Safe learning in a post-pandemic world

La Touche Training Requirements for Face To Face Training at Client Premises

For over 25 years La Touche Training have been a leading legal training provider for face-to-face training.

During the pandemic lockdown all face-to-face training ceased, with alternative training being delivered using a virtual format.

As the restrictions necessarily imposed during the lockdown are now being gradually relaxed, we must consider how a structured return to face-to-face training can be managed ensuring a safe learning environment.

How we deliver training

This document sets out the safeguards we have identified to ensure a safe learning environment for face-to-face training. However, it has been drafted taking account of the following key factors:

  • None of our training requires physical contact between the trainer and the delegates or between the delegates themselves. All our training is theory based.
  • The vast majority of our training courses are delivered ‘in-house’ at our clients’ premises.
  • As such, we have limited control over certain safeguards that should already be in place at these premises.
  • Every training venue will face separate and varying challenges in enabling face-to-face training to be conducted in a safe manner.


  • The vast majority of our training courses are delivered by external ‘subject matter expert’ trainers with whom we contract with on an ad hoc basis. Therefore, we must provide them with assurances that La Touche Training have taken all reasonable steps as the supplier of training to ensure that the proposed training venue is safe.
  • Below you will find the Checklist which confirms to the trainer the control measures that we expect to be in place at any training venue.
  • Some of these measures will not be visible or identifiable to the trainer on the day. However, where such measures are clearly identifiable upon inspection, trainers are instructed to satisfy themselves that the requisite safeguards have been actioned at the venue and, in particular, within the classroom itself. Where the agreed safeguards do not appear to have been actioned, trainers are instructed to immediately contact La Touche Training to seek direction on whether the training session can be delivered safely or at all.

Checklists and Controls Required

Building Control

  • Hand sanitiser available at building entrance and public areas
  • One-way system in and out of building if possible
  • No physical sign-in on entering building

Meeting Room

  • Room to have been cleaned and sanitised before use. This includes tables, chairs, door handles etc
  • Equipment, such as flipchart and markers, to be sanitised before use
  • Room to be set up to accommodate as much space between each attendee and trainer as possible
  • Group to remain in the same room for the entire day
  • Sanitising station to be set up in room
  • Every attendee to use their own stationery
  • Meeting must be held in well-ventilated room
  • Trainer has been advised not to shake hands with any attendees


  • Sign-in form – we will no longer operate a sign-in sheet for attendees. The trainer will do a rollcall instead.

Public Areas

  • On refreshment/lunch breaks, please be mindful of congregating
  • Sanitising station to be set up in lunch area

Face Masks

  • If not possible to social distance in communal areas, our trainers may wish to wear a face mask