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Conferences for Professional Regulators

The purpose of professional regulation is to protect, promote and maintain the health and safety of the public by ensuring proper standards in the specific profession.

It is important that all council, board and committee members working with the various professional regulators fully understand the purpose of professional regulation, and their role and responsibility as regulators.

We regularly design and deliver bespoke learning and development programmes for many professional regulators.

For further information regarding our Professional Regulation programme, please contact Susie Shine on 01 879 2106 / Susie.Shine@latouchetraining.ie

Topics we regularly cover include:

• Understanding the purpose of professional regulation and your role and responsibility
• Understanding the relevant legislation
• Natural Justice & Fair Procedure
• Dealing with Registrations
• Dealing with Complaints
• Considering evidence and collective decision making
• Running an Oral Hearing
• Sanctions
• Chairing Skills

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