Bespoke Training for Professional Regulators

The regulation of professionals in Ireland is undertaken by a variety of statutory bodies that are established by their own governing legislation. The aim of regulation is to ensure that those who are regulated meet standards that the regulators set in the public interest. This means that regulators’ activities must ensure the public is protected, that the expected standards are clear to all and confidence in the profession is maintained.  

Developments in professional regulation are fast paced. Supervision by the High Court involves a need for regular legal updates for regulators.  Individuals working in statutory regulation need to receive both induction and on-going training. They must understand their governing legislation, relevant legal updates and their procedures. They also need to have the required skills and competencies to fulfil their role in accordance with current best practice. This includes members of the executive, individuals who sit on the Board/Council of regulatory bodies and members of Committees including disciplinary committees involved in different stages of the fitness to practice process.

Over the last 13 years La Touche Training has worked with the majority of regulatory bodies in Ireland and continues to do so. We have gained vast experience and have built up an expertise in the provision of effective training for regulators, enhancing their skills and performance. Feedback to our training is consistently excellent including increased confidence and improved performance.

Our Training Methodology  

In response to training needs our approach is a blended one involving acquiring necessary knowledge and applying it correctly. Our experience is that individuals learn best in a safe simulated environment through using realistic case scenarios. This allows our attendees to learn through practice, identifying any questions or concerns and addressing them during training. Past attendees report that they gain enormously from our training.   

We regularly design and deliver bespoke learning and development programmes in the following areas: 

  • Preliminary Investigation of complaints
  • Fitness to Practice Inquiries
  • The role of Councils and Boards in the complaints process
  • Making effective regulatory decisions
  • Chairing skills in regulation
  • Governance in Professional Regulation

Topics we regularly cover include:

  • Governing legislation
  • Caselaw and legal updates
  • Developments in statutory regulation
  • Handling complaints and the fitness to practice process
  • Regulatory decision- making including decisions on registrations and programme approval
  • Regulation and good governance
  • Decision making and unconscious bias

For further information regarding our Professional Regulation programme, please contact Susie Shine on 01 879 2106 / [email protected]