Safe Learning in a Post-Pandemic World

May 05th, 2022
Safe Learning in a Post-Pandemic World

La Touche Training Requirements for Face 2 Face Training at Client Premises

For over 25 years La Touche Training have been a leading legal training provider for face-to-face training.

During the pandemic lockdown all face-to-face training ceased, with alternative training being delivered using a virtual format.

As the restrictions necessarily imposed during the lockdown are now being gradually relaxed, we must consider how a structured return to face-to-face training can be managed ensuring a safe learning environment.

How we deliver training

This document sets out the safeguards we have identified to ensure a safe learning environment for face-to-face training. However, it has been drafted taking account of the following key factors:

  • None of our training requires physical contact between the trainer and the delegates or between the delegates themselves.
  • The vast majority of our training courses are delivered ‘in-house’ at our clients’ premises.
  • As such, we have limited control over certain safeguards that should already be in place at these premises.
  • Every training venue will face separate and varying challenges in enabling face-to-face training to be conducted in a safe manner.


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