Legal Training to meet the needs of the Government Sector

May 11th, 2022
Over the 26 years that La Touche Training has worked with Government Departments, Regulatory Bodies and State Agencies, we have seen the need for legal training grow considerably.

Over the 26 years that La Touche Training has worked with Government Departments, Regulatory Bodies and State Agencies, we have seen the need for legal training grow considerably. La Touche Training is proud to have worked with the vast majority of public bodies in the country. We continue to develop new course content to meet the increasing challenges faced by those working in the public service.

We highlight below some of the Government projects are we are currently working on.

Investigation Skills

Numerous Government bodies employ investigators to carry out a range of civil, criminal and/or regulatory investigations. Investigations can be both costly and time consuming so it is essential that they are carried out to the required standard.

La Touche Training has developed a series of competency-based courses, designed to ensure that those with an investigative role have the knowledge, skills, and confidence to competently gather, secure, and present evidence to best practice standards.

Investigative training can be tailored to all types of investigations, including regulatory investigations, accident investigations and employment investigations.

The feedback we receive is that the training:

  • Equips delegates with the necessary skills, knowledge, and procedures to carry out investigations to best practice standards
  • Reduces the risks when conducting investigations
  • Instils confidence in investigators
  • Reduces costs and create a standardised approach to conducting investigations across your organisation
  • Provides a structured development path for all investigators, giving them the necessary competencies to carry out their work effectively and to best practice standards
  • Compliments and enhance existing skills

Expert Witness and Courtroom Skills

Aside from Government agencies with investigative functions, many other public sector officials may find themselves in the witness box giving evidence on behalf of their organisation.

Often witnesses feel that they and their organisation are on trial. Doubt may be cast on the witness’ experience, duties, credentials and their organisation. This training provides delegates with the knowledge, skills and confidence to present evidence effectively. The procedures for giving evidence, the order of events, the roles of different people in the hearing and the process of giving evidence will be explained. Attendees also get an opportunity to be cross-examined by an experienced lawyer on a case study based on their own area of work and receive feedback on how to improve evidence giving in the witness box.

Depending on the Government client we are working with, this training is tailored for court, inquests, enquiries, tribunals, and oral hearings.

Feedback on the most useful elements of the training from attendees includes:

  • The procedures and process of giving evidence
  • The roles of the various people in court/tribunal
  • Taking the oath or the affirmation with confidence
  • Techniques lawyers use in cross-examination and how to handle them
  • How to give clear, honest, and impartial testimony
  • How to prepare for giving evidence
  • Role-play to gain experience in being cross-examined and receive detailed feedback

“We have been working with La Touche Training for a number of years. They deliver excellent training courses tailored to the specific needs of our organisation. The courses are excellent and the expert speakers bring a wealth of practical knowledge to the table. We would definitely recommend La Touche Training for any type of legal training.” 

David Hegarty, Enforcement Portfolio Manager, ODCE

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