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Essential Legal Training for Local Authorities

Equipping local authority staff with the specialist knowledge and skills to handle difficult situations with confidence

La Touche Training have over three decades of experience in training local authority staff from every local government body in the country. We offer a wide variety of in-house legal training courses, tailored to the exact roles and functions of local government professionals.

Our panel of trainers are highly trained experienced lawyers who understand the particular issues, concerns and challenges facing local authority staff and the skills they require to carry out their work effectively.

All our courses are delivered online via virtual learning at this time. Our virtual classrooms are easy to navigate providing you with access to face-to-face real time learning. This requires no software download and is simple, secure and easy to use, enabling your staff to receive the training, but remotely.

For further details of any of our local authority courses listed below, please contact us on: 01 8788 258, info@latouchetraining.ie or complete the form below.

Our Expert Witness, Report Writing, Accident Investigations & Employment Investigations trainings are accredited by Engineers Ireland.

Who we work with

Description Type Duration
Preparing and Responding to a Serious Incident On-site 1 day Details
Technical Report Writing Course Public 1 day Details
Open Source Internet Investigations Course Public Two consecutive 1/2 day sessions Details
Courtroom Skills for Local Authorities On-site 1 day Details
Courtroom Skills for Local Authority Prosecutions Public 1 day Details
Successful Local Authority Prosecutions Public 2 days Details
File Preparation for Local Authority Prosecutions Public 1 day Details
Succeeding at Oral Hearings for Local Authorities Public 1 day Details
Waste Enforcement: Investigation & Prosecution On-site 2 days Details
Investigation and Enforcement for Planning Officers Public 4 days Details
An Overview of Planning Law, public dates Public 1 day Details
Fire Safety and Building Control: Regulation, Investigation and Prosecution On-site 3 days Details
Employment Investigations and the Application of Disciplinary Procedures Public 2 days Details
An Overview of Planning Law On-site 3 x 1/2 day sessions Details
The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) for Local Authorities On-site 1 Day Details
Anti Social Behaviour: how to initiate legal action On-site 2 days Details
Aggressive Behaviour: how to manage it effectively On-site 1 day Details
Initiating Legal Action in Rent Arrears Cases On-site 2 days Details
Advanced Skills in Fraud Investigation On-site 1 - 5 Days Details
Accident Investigation Training Public 1 day Details
Advanced Skills in Investigation & Enforcement for Planning Officers On-site 4 days Details
Environmental Enforcement & Investigation Skills Training Public 4 days Details
District Court Advocacy Skills For Local Authority Solicitors On-site 1 Day Details
Advocacy for the Employment Courts On-site 1 Day Details
Employment Law: Rights, Investigations, Disputes and Redress On-site 1 Day Details
Pay & Display Parking On-site 2 Days Details
Overview of Environmental Law Public 1 day Details
Environmental Legislation On-site 2 days Details
Environmental Inspection Skills On-site 2 days Details
Evidence Gathering for Local Authority Waste Operatives On-site Details
Litter Warden Training Public 2 days Details
Dog Warden Training Public 1 day Details
Chairing skills On-site 1/2 day Details
Log Keeping Training On-site 1 day Details
Complaints Handling & Investigation Management Public 1 day Details
Complaints Handling for client facing staff Public 1/2 day Details
Negotiation Skills On-site 1 day Details

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