• Are these broadly the same as before?
  • Have the time limits for making complaints changed?
  • Who can make a complaint to the LSRA
  • Why is the LSRA writing to me before determining if the complaint is even admissible?
  • Why should I waste my time responding to a complaint that is obviously inadmissible as it’s clearly out of time?
  • What can a complainant do if their complaint is deemed to be inadmissible?
  • Why should I engage with this process? What happens if I don’t?
  • What is the difference between formal and informal resolution?
  • Is this process “off the record”; if so how?
    Does the mediator have any training and qualifications?
  • Who sits on the Review Committee and what does it do?
  • What can I do if I am still unhappy?
  • What is the difference between this Committee and the Complaints and Client Relations Committee?
  • Are all complaints that are not resolved referred to the Committee?
  • What is a Divisional Committee?
  • Can I attend before this Committee?
  • How many people sit on this Committee, and is the chair a lawyer?
  • How does this differ from the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal?
  • Where is the LPDT?
  • What reports are provided by the LSRA, when and to whom are they provided?
  • Can a practitioner be named in such a report?
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