Getting the Right Expert Witness: Mark Tottenham B.L.                                                                       

  • Definition of an Expert Witness
  • The level of qualifications and experience necessary
  • What the Courts require
  • Expert Witness v Expert Advisor
  • Finding the right expert
  • The challenge of finding the right expert in Ireland

Experts and Conflict of interest/Bias: Caroline Conroy, Solicitor                                                                           

  • Definition of bias
  • Dealing with conflict of interest – actual or perceived  
  • Scenarios where experts may be conflicted or perceived to be conflicted
  • Knowing some of the parties – degree of relationship
  • Experts Involved with client’s pre-litigation also advising clients
  • UK/US experts being used unnecessarily - 0’Ceallaigh Judgment

The Expert’s Investigation

  • Duties of honesty and objectivity under Ikerian Reefer rules
  • The level of evidence required
  • The level of investigation that needs to be carried out
    Relying on information provided by others – the need to
  • Suspicion of fraud/exaggerated claims –Expert’s role vis-a -vis their duties?

False Testimony            

  • Recent Judicial Decisions and Labour Relation Commission recommendations
  • The future: Will the ramifications of failing in the role of expert witness become more severe?

Codes of Practice and Guidance for Experts

  • The need for codes of practice and guidance for expert witnesses in Ireland
  • What codes might look like and the difference codes would make
  • Review of codes in other jurisdictions
  • Examining how far the Codes of Conduct of Professional Bodies go

Workshops running simultaneously

  • Workshop 1- Medical Professional
  • Workshop 2- Objectivity and Bias                             

Top 10 Pitfalls in Cross Examination: Gareth Kinsella B.L.

Role Play: Realistic role-play of Expert Witness being cross examined by an experienced lawyer

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