Claire Loftus DPP Ireland

Claire Loftus, Director of Public Prosecutions

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Stephen Barry

Stephen Barry, Eversheds Sutherland

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Gary Shaw Square

Gary Shaw, Professor of Professional Practice

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Ian Thomas La Touche Training Speaker Square

Ian Thomas, Regulatory Lawyer

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Hugh Mcdowell BL

Hugh McDowell B.L.

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Shalom Binchy (1)

Shalom Binchy, Shalom Binchy & Co.

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  • Updates on processes in regulatory prosecutions
  • Dealing with regulatory prosecutions in the light of Covid 19
  • Interviewing witnesses and suspects
  • Privilege: what is it, when does it apply, how can it be claimed, what must I do to ensure I can claim it
  • Conflict of interest in investigations
  •  The role of the solicitor in regulatory interviews
  • Privilege in the context of a Regulatory Investigation including how privilege can impact on the investigatory approach of authorised officers.
  • An outline of recent applicable case law in respect of the area of privilege in the realm of investigations.
  • Who’s privilege is it? What can or cannot be privileged?
  • Key considerations is seeking to assert or challenge a claim of privilege.

Speaker: Stephen Barry, partner in Eversheds Sutherland

  • The criminal liability of managers and directors
  • The statutory context
  • The Supreme Court decision in DPP v. TN [2020] IESC 26 – what is a ‘manager’?
  • The distinction between managers and directors
  • A comparative analysis with other European jurisdictions

Speaker: Hugh McDowell, BL

  • The powers of authorised officers
  • Dealing with non-compliance – proportionate enforcement based on risk
  • Challenging regulators’ actions and defending prosecutions

Speaker: Ian Thomas

  • Advising clients questioned in relation to regulatory offences
  • Lessons to be learned from criminal defence law
  • Right to Silence
  • Prepared statements
  • Right to information

Speaker: Shalom Binchy

  • What is a significant witness?
  • How do I identify a significant witness?
  • What types of significant witnesses are there?
  • What considerations must I give to interviewing a significant witness?
  • Strategies for interviewing
  • Structure of interviewing
  • Difficulties I might encounter with examples
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Thu 5 Nov 2020 - 9:30AM Group rate/per person €165

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