Many legal disputes are settled without going to court. A significant amount of cases however still reach the final stages and many end up in a full hearing. Effective case management and preparation are therefore essential to ultimate success.

A better understanding of the legal processes and what is required at each stage will enhance better case management by staff members who handle legal cases.

  • How the adversarial system works
  • The Irish Court System
  • Civil & criminal procedure
  • The procedural changes in personal injuries litigation
  • Analysis of different types of pleadings
  • Interim applications
  • Discovery
  • Costs
  • How best to deal with your legal team
“Met my expectations very well indeed, filled in a lot of gaps. Course delivered with professionalism and in a manner which all could understand.” - Civil Servant, Irish Prison Service

“Exceeded my expectations, the course provided very valuable information.” - Civil Servant

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