1. Legal Professional Privilege and Civil Litigation

The first session will commence with a brief examination of the prerequisites for legal professional privilege. This will include a discussion of the requirement for confidentiality and the nature of the solicitor-client relationship.

This session will also examine the principal elements of, and the distinction between, each form of privilege. It will explore some recent developments in each of litigation privilege, legal advice privilege and without prejudice privilege.

2. Legal Professional Privilege in the Regulatory Context

The entitlement to assert Legal Professional Privilege is one of the key exceptions to the requirement to disclosure and produce material to various regulatory bodies. This throws up a number of significant challenges in practice both in terms of interacting with regulatory bodies on the subject of privilege and how-to co-ordinate responses internally to ensure that privilege is protected when available.

3. Legal Professional Privilege and Investigations

With the significant rise in enforcement proceedings taken by the regulatory bodies and an increase in internal investigations due to changes in the civil and criminal regulatory landscape, this session will focus on best practice in the conduct of investigations with a view to preserving the privileged status of communications.

4. Panel Questions & Answers: Legal Professional Privilege in Practice

Frank Flanagan Mason Hayes And Curran

Frank Flanagan, Partner


William Abrahamson BL

William Abrahamson, BL


Kevin Kennedy Senior Associate Mccann Fitzgerald

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