This training develops to a high level the skills required for investigation interviews. Delegates will learn how to conduct interviews by applying the PEACE (planning, preparation, engage and explain, account, closure and evaluation) method.
Delegates will learn how to structure an interview in a more effective way. Delegates consider how to get the interviewees account of events, and then compare that with the facts they already have.
They will practice putting difficult questions and challenges to the interviewee.
They will learn how to use different questioning techniques at different stages of the interview. Many questioning techniques will be dealt with and practiced.
Delegates will consider what, when and why to disclose any other evidence they may have. Delegates will carry out role-plays using tailored case studies typical of the types of interview they conduct.

  • Deal effectively with disclosure of evidence, silences, and selective answering
  • Effectively plan and prepare for different types of interview
  • Handle lies and inconsistencies in the account given by the interviewee and with other available evidence
  • Maximise the impact of disclosing evidence, before and during the interview
  • Balance investigative role and powers with an individual's rights
  • Use different questioning techniques and summaries to close interviewee escape routes
  • Role-play in relation to conducting fact-finding, witness or suspect interviews

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