Many statutory agencies grossly underestimate the importance and significance of providing proper training to officers charged with enforcing legislation. Not only must officers know the law, they need to gain key skills and competencies in its application.

This includes understanding the application of the relevant powers, knowing how to investigate, issuing warnings and if appropriate proceeding to initiating procedures for possession, applying the rules of evidence and understanding how the court system works.

This legal training course will give delegates the practical knowledge and the confidence to greatly improve their ability to meet their obligations and ensure compliance with relevant legislation

This day will examine the processes and procedural steps that must be followed together with the evidence required under Part 2 of the 2014 Act to terminate a tenancy.

In particular, it will look at the level of investigation and evidence required, and the statutory notices and proofs that will be essential to succeed in an application for possession under the 2014 Act.

The follow-on day will cover the procedures in court when an application for a termination of tenancy is brought under Part 2 of the Act. It will cover the procedures in court on the day and likely challenges to the application

Course attendees should note that they will be asked to provide a case study (not a live case) prior to course commencement, for use at the course.

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