Autumn cohort: the course content can be accessed from 25 October 2021:

The structure of this course is as follows:

    • 6-month course assessed by 2 written assignments (2,000 – 2,500 words)
    • A mixture of guided online study and participation in live sessions:
      • 1 x Virtual Classroom - groups are limited to 36 students to maximise the study experience.
      • 1 x Immersive Scenario and associated debrief - a powerful experience putting you at the centre of a story,
        helping you bridge the gap between what you know and how you can apply that knowledge in your role
      • 1 x Tutorial - designed to give you an opportunity to engage more actively with the course content and clarify
        your understanding in a discursive environment. The tutor will support and challenge your knowledge, and the
        application of that knowledge.
      • 2 x Assessment Preparation Sessions
      • Videos covering the latest industry developments including Essential Videos, Case Study Videos and monthly
        'in the spotlight' videos. Videos and Monthly 'in the spotlight' videos.
    • Proactive support throughout the course to help you stay on track, including access to the Membership Portal
Tim Tyler

Tim Tyler

Head of Financial Crime Compliance


Andrew Clarke, MA

Andrew Clarke, MA

AML/Financial Crime Prevention Course Director

We have full syllabi available for all of our qualifications.

Click here to download a syllabus.

  • Fraud Prevention and Investigation officers
  • Employees with responsibility for internal organisational fraud
  • Internal Audit and Regulatory Staff
  • Law enforcement
  • Individuals who have completed the ICA Certificate in Financial Crime Prevention

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This Advanced Certificate is open to anyone who is interested in pursuing a career in the discipline. However, the content of the programme requires students to possess:

  • Sound educational background
  • Good written English skills

Our courses are split into Introductory, Specialist, Intermediate, Advanced and Expert levels to ensure our students study topics relevant to their experience and role.

This course is Intermediate and is designed for those new to the discipline or in a junior role who want to enhance their knowledge & skills.

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Thu 25 Nov 2021 - 2:30PM Online - Group 1 - date of 1st virtual classroom €1700

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