This conference is of interest to:

  • Solicitors and barristers
  • Health and Social Care Professionals
  • Engineers
  • Architects
  • Accountants
  • Any professional acting as an Expert Witness
Caroline Conroy Solicitor

Caroline Conroy, Solicitor and Training Consultant

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Gareth Kinsella BL Square

Gareth Kinsella, Barrister at Law

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John Garrett Square

John Garrett, Chartered Engineer

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Mark T

Mark Tottenham, Barrister

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The Honourable Mr Justice Michael Peart

The Honourable Mr. Justice Michael Peart

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Dr Peter Boylan Square

Dr. Peter Boylan

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  • Definition of an Expert Witness – are you an Expert?
  • What level of qualifications and experience are necessary?
  • Who gets to decide?
  • What does the Court require?
  • Expert Witness v Expert Advisor
  • Finding the right expert
  • The challenge of finding the right expert in Ireland
  • What is Bias?
  • Dealing with Conflict of Interest – actual or perceived  
  • Going through scenarios where experts may be conflicted or perceived to be
  • Knowing some of the parties – lawyers or Judge
  • Experts Involved with clients pre-litigation also advising clients
  • Experts knowing parties – degree of relationship
  • UK/US experts being used unnecessarily - 0’Ceallaigh Judgment
  • Duties of honesty and objectivity under Ikarian Reefer rules – what does this really involve?
  • What level of evidence do they require?
  • What level of investigation do they need to do?
  • Do they just rely on what they are given or told? How much further should they go?
  • Suspicion of fraud/exaggerated claims – what is their role vis-s vis their duties?
  • Criticisms of expert witnesses in written judgments
  • Protection from damage to professional reputation
  • Right of reply
  • Right of representation
  • Right of appeal
  • Personal liability of expert witnesses for 'wasted costs'
  • Do we need Codes in Ireland?
  • What would it look like?
  • What difference would it make?
  • Codes in other jurisdictions?
  • Codes of Conduct of Professional Bodies – how far do they go?
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