Delegates will:

  • Review and update their practical understanding of essential employment law
  • Have the importance of employment law procedures in the workplace put in context
  • Understand the importance of a grievance procedure framework and how to apply "best practice" procedures
  • Understand the importance of the principles of "natural and constitutional" justice when carrying out an investigation or applying disciplinary procedures
  • Focus in an experiential way on key aspects of applying those procedures including interviewing, note taking, cautioning and report writing
  • Learn how to weigh up the evidence so as to comply with legal requirements
  • Experience role-plays where the procedures in a disciplinary hearing and/or legal hearing are experienced first-hand

Those with a responsiblity for staff - Managers, supervisors, senior staff members, and HR personnel need to know and understand the law and how they practically apply it in disciplinary matters.
Best practice principles must be followed so that investigators investigate effectively and invoke a disciplinary procedure without being unfair.

“Exceeded my expectations, a very informative and interactive training session, plenty of discussion on practical scenarios. Handouts were very useful and detailed. Overall extremely enjoyable” - OT, National Rehabilitation Hospital

“Excellent course. Clear, concise, informative on both recording and report writing guidelines. Would have no hesitations recommending this training to colleagues” - Consultant Psychiatrist, Galway

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