• What format should the file take?
  • What should be included & excluded?
  • Is a Report necessary?
  • Is it necessary to refer to Legislation and to what extent should legislation be included?
  • Who decides what charges should be taken and what legislation to prosecute under?
  • How and what affects the D.P.P.’s decision to prosecute?
  • How much information does the D.P.P. need/ Should you tell the D.P.P. everything?
  • What level of communication is appropriate with the D.P.P.’s office in relation to the Investigation file?
  • Is it appropriate to seek guidance from the D.P.P.’s office in relation to an investigation?
  • How should difficulties/weaknesses in the investigation be dealt with?
  • Who should be responsible for the preparation of the file for the D.P.P.?
  • Are statements necessary and if so from whom should statements be taken?
  • What technical information is required?Should this information be explained?
  • Should original documents be sent to the D.P.P.?
  • What is the procedure if a number of Agencies are involved in the Investigation?
  • Is it correct to specify previous convictions or dealings with the suspect to the D.P.P.?
  • Who is responsible for the file after directions are received from the D.P.P.’s office?

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