Key legal principles apply and must be adhered to when carrying out investigations and reviews within the health service.
Frequently those appointed to carry out these investigations/reviews are unclear how to proceed and they fail to understand the legal implications of what they say and do.
A defective investigation may lead to further incidents as well as a public inquiry or legal proceedings.

  • Understanding the requirement to carry out an investigation: The organisations requirement in relation to specific events; Open Disclosure; Organisational learning
  • Understanding your roles and responsibilities in carrying out an investigation and your accountability
  • Importance of addressing specific issues in terms of reference of the investigation
  • Conducting proper interviews and keeping proper notes
  • Weighing up the evidence so as to comply with legal requirements
  • Writing up a professional report on your findings ensuring all issues are addressed and proper language and layout is used
    Experiential role-plays for interviews (optional)

Any person who may be appointed to carry out an investigation or review into a serious incident within the health service.
Best practice principles must be followed so effective investigations or reviews can be completed.

“Very useful and worthwhile experience. It provided me with a useful tool in investigating accidents or incidents or allegations.” - Mary Power, Client Services Manager, Sunbeam House Services

“Excellent Course, excellent overview, met all needs” - Sam Coulter-Smith, Master, Rotunda Hospital

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