Public and Private sector investigations can be costly and time-consuming. The outcome from an investigation can have wide ranging implications for both organisations and individuals involved. It is vital that they are conducted in compliance with legal standards, and in accordance with best practice principles.

Investigations occur in a wide variety of situations including employment investigations, disciplinary investigations, accident investigations, investigations into complaints/allegations and many others. It is essential that they are carried out promptly, in a professional and competent manner and in compliance with the law and natural justice principles.

La Touche Training has developed a series of competency-based investigation legal training courses to ensure that those carrying out an investigation have the knowledge, skills and confidence to conduct an investigation which results in findings they can stand over.

Our practical, structured investigation legal training courses will:

  • instil confidence in investigators
  • increase the number of successful investigations
  • clarify the investigators role
  • explain the implications of natural justice principles
  • ensure their findings stand up to scrutiny in court and other proceedings

The training provides investigators with a clear insight and understanding of the legal framework within which they operate. Training will ensure that investigators carry out their investigations in a professional manner, are able to obtain and secure the necessary written evidence in compliance with the law and give effective evidence in Court.

La Touche Training works with practically every regulatory and enforcement agency in the country as well as investigators from all local authorities, HSE areas, Professional Regulators and private companies – both Blue Chip and the SME sector.