Michael O'Doherty, author of "Internet Law"

Wednesday 13th May 2020

Social Media & The Law Conference La Touche Training

Social Media & The Law, June 25th, Virtual Conference. 
Speaker insight with: 

Michael O'Doherty, Barrister-at-Law, Law Library of Ireland. 
Author of Internet Law, published by Bloomsbury Professional.

At our inaugural conference in the area of social media and the law, La Touche Training are looking forward to hearing from practising barrister, and the author of Internet Law, Michael O'Doherty.

On Thursday June 25th, Michael will focus on the tension between an employee's use of social media - be it on behalf of their employer, or on their own private social media accounts - and their employer's right to monitor and control such content.

The manner in which an employee uses social media may come into conflict with the company's code of conduct, and it's important to know the extent of usage that is permissible, what type of personal airing of opinions is allowed, and what type of material may be considered to bring the company into disrepute.

Michael will offer guidance not just to employees about when they may be held to have crossed the line, but also to employers as to what constitutes a clear social media usage policy, as they are often very vague and ill-defined.

Furthermore, Mr O'Doherty will look at case law from both the WRC in this jurisdiction, but also the ET in the UK, some EU jurisprudence, and potentially from further afield (Canada / Australia).

Continue reading about “Social Media and the workplace: privacy, freedom of expression and an employer's right to monitor" by visiting our event page here.

Social Media & The Law
1/2 Day Virtual Conference
Thursday June 25th
3 General CPD Hours


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