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Thursday 19th August 2021

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Time for legal practitioners is invariably at a premium. However, keeping up to date with new legislation and legal developments is imperative to enable you to give top quality advice to your clients.

If you are interested in timely conferences covering the latest  legislation and developments, delivered by top firms and acknowledged experts, we can help. La Touche Training offer online and face-to-face (when safe) seminars throughout the year, focusing on General, Regulatory and Management CPD.

As a solicitor, you are required by the Law Society to comply with the latest CPD Requirements:

Our CPD for Lawyers programme is designed to assist you in achieving your CPD goals.

Barbara Joyce, Solicitor and Head of CPD, explains:

“Designed with the busy practitioner in mind, our autumn programme will provide you with a unique opportunity to get up to date with cutting-edge issues. It offers a wide range of seminars on a variety of key topics. There really is something for each and every practitioner. The overall emphasis is on practicality and the seminars will enable you to avoid the more common pitfalls which can occur.

Our speakers are leading experts in their respective areas and continue to share generously of their time and expertise to fellow practitioners. I really hope to see you at some of our seminars!”

Many practitioners have commented about the benefits of online seminars over the last year, whether live or on-demand. Whether you are in  Donegal or Dublin, Wicklow or Wexford, you have access to CPD events of the highest quality in a few clicks. Travel is no longer necessary, so you save time and money. Yet, you can still engage with the top speakers during the valuable Q&A sessions during the live seminars.

For many practitioners, the on-demand “watch anytime” webinars have proven very instructive when attempting to juggle the priorities of a busy practice with the need to keep abreast of case law and new legislative developments.

Our thanks to so many solicitors who are sharing their positive comments with us:

"Excellent, A very informative and enjoyable presentation by all - well done!"

"The questions and answers were very well answered - overall a great conference"

"Concise materials and knowledgeable speakers"

Adrian Kiernan, La Touche Training Managing Director, adds:

“Time is the most precious commodity for any busy legal practitioner, so at La Touche Training, we pride ourselves in organising relevant, engaging and informative seminars with Ireland’s leading speakers. Attendees are not just coming to comply with their CPD requirements – they want to hear from subject matter experts about key developments, trends and case law as well as to network with fellow practitioners, be it in person or virtually.”

The CPD Autumn 2021 programme with La Touche Training includes:

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