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Friday 22nd May 2020

Expert Witness Programme La Touche Training

Many expert witnesses will need to give their evidence by video link or phone over the coming months and this may even become the norm as the use of digital technology in courts increases.

Here are some cut out and keep tips for an expert witness if they are to give their evidence remotely.

Numerous experts will have been on video conference calls but giving evidence remotely is a different situation. Your whole demeanour and professionalism is now being judged. The way you speak, how you refer to the evidence, the way you look and even what you wear and your surroundings are being judged and assessed.

The most important point to remember is that, whether you are physically present in court or not, your duty to the court remains the same as always: you are giving evidence in order to assist the court on matters within your expertise.

The reality is that the hearing is much like a classic in person hearing but just done remotely. All the usual rules apply.

These tips are designed to ensure that your evidence comes across clearly so that the court can then assess what weight to give to it.

Please click here to read our comprehensive guide of 'Expert Witness Tips When Giving Evidence Remotely'

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Our extensive experience of training thousands of experts from a wide variety of disciplines was part of our contribution to the Law Reform Commission Consultation Paper on Expert Evidence (2008).
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