All you need to know about 6AMLD

Thursday 4th February 2021

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The European Union new Anti Money Laundering Directive, 6AMLD should now be transposed into national law. 6AMLD is seen as a critical development for the European Union following a number of major scandals which have ultimately questioned the effectiveness of the anti money laundering approach in Europe.

There are a number of challenges in the wider climate, including the pandemic, the recent Brexit transition period and the fall out from a number of major banking scandals so the implementation of 6AMLD is interesting as it goes back to the fundamental issues about the nature and scope of money laundering as it looks to create some of the most stringest and consistent money laundering offences around the world.

In this video, James Wood-Rickett, Course Director, Global Lead - Anti Money Laundering, ICA, considers the key changes.

6th Anti Money Laundering Directive

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