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Legal Training to meet the needs of the Government Sector

Over the 26 years that La Touche Training has worked with Government Departments, Regulatory Bodies and State Agencies, we have seen the need for legal training grow considerably. La Touche Training is proud to have worked with the vast majority of public bodies in the country. We continue to develo…

Legal Training La Touche Training

Practical CPD seminars for solicitors

Time for legal practitioners is invariably at a premium. However, keeping up to date with new legislation and legal developments is imperative to enable you to give top quality advice to your clients. If you are interested in timely conferences covering the latest  legislation and developments, del…

Hybrid Learning With La Touche Training Elearning Face To Face

Hybrid Learning: is it the Future of Training?

Adrian Kiernan, Managing Director of La Touche Training, discusses the impact Covid has had on the training sector and where training is headed. How has your training delivery changed over the past 16 months? Covid has had a significant impact on many industries in Ireland – the hospitality, ent…

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Learning & Development for Local Authorities

Would you like to improve the quality of your or your team's reports, investigations or job performance? Are you having issues understanding where you stand in terms of doing your job because of certain regulations or legislation? Do you want your findings to stand up better to scrutiny, increase su…

Online And Hybrid Learning

Online and hybrid training with La Touche Training

Hybrid is a popular word. As we slowly come out of the pandemic it is completely redefining the workplace and how it will function in the future. The Office of the Future is Hybrid. And many flagship companies have already made the switch.[i] Working From Home (WFH) and Working From Anywhere (WHA)…

Expert Witness Programme La Touche Training

Remote Hearings and Virtual Litigation

Remote hearings will be a feature of Irish litigation long after public health measures relating to COVID-19 have lifted.  That much is clear from the provisions of the Civil Law and Criminal Law (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act, 2020 and the Courts Service Corporate Strategic Plan 2021-2023 envisagin…

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