ICA Compliance Diplomas (advanced level) are primarily designed for those who already hold some relevant experience and are looking to develop more specialist skills in the management of risk.

The structure of this course is as follows:

  • 9-month course assessed by 3 written assignments (3,000-3,500 words)
  • A mixture of guided online study and participation in live sessions:
    • 2 x Virtual Classrooms - groups are limited to 36 students to maximise the study experience.
    • 1 x Immersive Scenario and associated debrief - a powerful experience putting you at the centre of a story, helping you bridge the gap between what you know and how you can apply that knowledge in your role
    • 3 x Tutorials - designed to give you an opportunity to engage more actively with the course content and clarify your understanding in a discursive environment. The tutor will support and challenge your knowledge, and the application of that knowledge.
    • 3 x Assessment Preparation Sessions
    • Videos covering the latest industry developments including Essential Videos, Case Study Videos and monthly 'in the spotlight' videos. Videos and Monthly 'in the spotlight' videos.
  • Proactive support throughout the course to help you stay on track, including access to the Membership Portal.

ICA International Diploma in Anti Money Laundering

Our flagship qualification and the industry-standard for MLROs and professionals managing money laundering risk. This advanced level course will help you develop and implement best practice AML initiatives and will boost your professional profile.

  • Anti money laundering (AML) and countering the financing of terrorism CFT in context
  • Terrorist financing proliferation financing and sanctions
  • Designing a comprehensive AML/CTF risk-based approach for a financial services business
  • Risk-based customer due diligence (CDD), customer risk profiling and monitoring
  • Governance and leadership
  • Suspicious activity reports/ suspicious transaction reports and dealing with the authorities


International Diploma in Financial Crime Prevention

This advanced level course will better equip you to meet the many challenges associated with identifying, understanding and mitigating financial crime risks including fraud, cybercrime, corruption, money laundering and terrorist financing. It will deepen your understanding and enhance your professional credibility.

  • Understanding and managing financial crime
  • Practical application of the International Standards
  • The prevention and detection of specific financial crime risks
  • Data and information security
  • Bribery and corruption
  • Electronic crime
  • Investigation, prosecution and recovery


ICA International Diploma in Governance, Risk and Compliance

Our flagship qualification undertaken by thousands of compliance officers/managers all over the world. This advanced level course will help you develop and manage best practice risk management techniques and will open up career opportunities.

  • Understanding governance, risk and regulatory compliance
  • Why we need to understand the regulated environment
  • Why are governance and culture essential for effective regulatory compliance risk management?
  • The role of the compliance department and the compliance professional
  • Risk management as the key to effective compliance
  • Case Studies

The conduct of firms and the behaviour of senior management is a key topic in both courses and is interwoven throughout the course units. The conduct agenda forms a key part of the workshop exercises.


ICA International Diploma in Managing Sanctions Risk

Sanctions are a crucial instrument in the international battle against financial crime proliferation, terrorism and human rights abuses. It’s a complex area and those who manage the risk need the right combination of knowledge, capabilities and behaviours to do so effectively.

  • Global sanctions architecture – Sanctions in context 
  • How sanctions regimes are implemented 
  • Evolving scope of sanctions – A changing tool 
  • Sector-based sanctions 
  • Identifying higher risk jurisdictions and activities 
  • Transparency, control, and ownership 
  • Licensing and permissible payments 
  • Management of global exposure to unilateral and regional sanctions 
  • Developing the control framework 
  • Sanctions screening 
  • Incident management and holding of sanctioned funds 
  • Sanctions lifting and roll back 


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