Health and Social Care Services professionals must make decisions which are subject to review, they are accountable to their professional body, their employer and the service users. The emphasis on quality of care and ever-increasing expectations inevitably puts pressure on all Health and Social Care Services staff and with society at large tending to litigate, these professionals feel that while at work they are already on the road to the courts! It is important to keep this fear of the law in perspective.

With the growing number of serious incidents, serious case reviews, and inquiry findings, there has never been a greater need for all professionals to be fully trained and skilled in order to carry out their work to best practice standards.

It is important that all Healthcare Practitioners are equipped with the key legal skills to enhance their day-to-day professional roles and to act effectively, lawfully and to best practice standards.

La Touche Training offers a variety of legal-skills training courses to increase best practice for all Health and Social Care Services staff and is Ireland’s leading legal training provider for Health and Social Care Services practitioners.

We work extensively with HSE regions, Private & Public Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Emergency Services, Mental Health Services, as well as a large number of regulatory bodies.

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