Giving evidence can be a daunting, lonely and intimidating experience for witnesses. A poor performance in the witness box can undermine a witness' confidence, affect the credibility of their evidence and be detrimental to their case.

These risks can be minimised if witnesses undertake a process of witness familiarisation.

La Touche Training is the leading provider of Witness Familiarisation training in Ireland. We regularly provide witness familiarisation legal training for witnesses across Ireland who may give evidence in a variety of legal fora including arbitrations, civil, criminal and family courts, tribunals, select committees and inquiries.

Witness Familiarisation training is practical, cost-effective and available at short notice. It provides witnesses with a comprehensive understanding of the courtroom practice and procedure, the process of giving evidence, what is expected of them and handling the adversarial nature of legal proceedings.

Experiential legal training with role-play improves courtroom communication and greatly increases witness confidence.

Trainers do not know about the facts of the real case in which the witness is involved, to comply with the rule against coaching witnesses.

La Touche Training’s Witness Familiarisation legal training courses will:

  • Mitigate against risk of poor witness performance in court
  • Thoroughly prepare witnesses for their appearance in a hearing
  • Demystify the Courtroom process
  • Eliminate the effects of nervousness or over-confidence

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