Open Source Internet Investigations - 11 & 12 September 2018 - Dublin

Public course: €795
Duration: 2 days

Open Source Internet Investigations - 11 & 12 September 2018 -  Dublin

This 2-day course provides investigators with the core skills to use
the Internet effectively and lawfully when conducting investigations. Attendees will learn how to maximise evidence that can be sourced from the Internet to further their investigations.

What is Open Source Internet Investigation?
An Open Source Internet Investigation is the process where data collected from publicly available sources online can be collected as evidence and analysed as part of your investigation.
Open source Internet data can come from a huge variety of sources including online publications, blogs, discussion groups, websites and social media (i.e. – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.).

What is often missed by investigators is the technical information behind posts, emails and websites. This information can, for example, provide the location that a digital image was taken or where in the world a person was when they made a social media post or sent an email or produce hidden links and pages on a website. This type of information is readily available to the trained Internet investigator.

Of course it is important to stay within the law when conducting open source internet investigations and knowing the boundaries is an important element of the internet investigators toolkit.
Legal and regulatory enforcement agencies are increasingly using openly sourced data to predict, prevent, investigate and prosecute crimes.

Course outline

This is a hands on, practical and immersive course suitable for those who use the Internet to conduct open source investigations or intelligence research.

Internet-based investigations require a blend of investigative skills, technical knowledge and an eye for detail. An innovative approach to this type of investigation is essential and will reap rewards as information is often hidden or not readily accessible. The techniques taught on this course will enable delegates to ‘look behind the scenes’ and lawfully harvest valuable data to an evidential standard to support their investigation.

Attendees will undertake several interactive exercises and will be provided with access to a post-course website containing tutorials and aide memoirs.

Key learning points

• Plan an Internet based investigation

• Employ advanced web and internet search techniques

• Explore the structure of the Internet and investigative opportunities

• Utilise evidence capture methodologies and techniques

• Identify anonymisation methods

• Investigate digital images, websites and emails

• Implement social media investigation techniques

• Determine the legislation that influences Internet investigation

• Prepare evidence and material for trials and tribunals

Who and why?

The internet is an increasingly important tool in a wide range of investigations. When used effectively it enables organisations and investigators to save both a considerable amount of time and money. However, failure to research properly, monitor changes, capture data, and follow procedures or legislation could result in any evidence obtained being rendered inadmissible.

It is essential that all investigators have a full understanding of how to effectively use the internet when conducting investigations, including what information is available on the Internet, how to plan an Internet based investigation and how to locate, evaluate and present evidence.

This is an essential course for anyone that uses the internet as part of an investigation or intelligence gathering exercise.

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