Witness Skills for Healthcare

Are you confident to give evidence in a legal forum if required to do so?

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Witness Skills for Healthcare

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Giving evidence can be a daunting, lonely and intimidating experience for a witness. A poor performance in the witness box can undermine a witness’ confidence, affect the credibility of their evidence and be detrimental to their case.

This one day course is relevant for all health and social care professionals who may give evidence in any legal fora including:

  • Inquests
  • Court Cases
  • Fitness to Practise Hearings
  • Employment Cases

Key Learning Points

  • Understand how the adversarial / inquisitorial processes work
  • Consider the procedures, order of events and roles of those involved
  • How to prepare for giving evidence
  • Take the Oath/Affirmation with confidence
  • Understand how to make appropriate use of supporting evidence, records and reports
  • Techniques lawyers use in cross-examination and how to handle them
  • How to give clear, honest and objective testimony

Who should attend this course:

All medical, health or social care professionals who may be called to give evidence in a legal forum as part of their role.

If you'd like to plan this training course for your organisation at a different date please contact us directly and we'll arrange this with you.

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