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Witness Familiarisation

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Witnesses are often petrified of giving evidence for whatever legal forum they may have to appear at, yet their evidence can be crucial to the outcome of a case. Many witnesses have never seen the inside of a courtroom, yet they are expected to face cross-examination without any preparation at all.

Witness familiarisation training helps demystify the process in a legal forum, giving witnesses increased confidence in the witness box, so that evidence can be delivered in the most effective manner. This can be done by us, without any suggestion of rehearsing or coaching of a witness, as the witness preparation training is provided by one of our panel of experienced lawyers/trainers, who have no knowledge of the facts of the case that the witness may be involved in. Our trainers can put the witness through mock cross-examination based on a fictional case study.

The witness familiarisation training will ensure that witnesses perform better and prepare more effectively for their time in the witness box.

Key Learning Points

  • Key skills of presenting effective evidence
  • The practice, procedure, and etiquette of giving evidence
  • How the adversarial system works
  • Roles of the various people in the court, tribunal etc.
  • Personal preparation
  • Taking the oath or affirmation with confidence
  • Problems that arise in cross-examination and how to handle them
  • Who to speak to and what to call them
  • Giving coherent, sequential testimony under difficult cross-examination