Training for Professional Regulators

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Training for Professional Regulators

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We regularly design and deliver learning and development training programmes for many professional regulators.

This involves running bespoke interactive sessions with various council, board and committee members.

Professional Regulation Events

Topics we regularly cover include:

  • Understanding the purpose of professional regulation and your role and responsibility
  • Understanding the relevant legislation
  • Natural Justice & Fair Procedure
  • Dealing with Registrations
  • Dealing with Complaints
  • Considering evidence and collective decision making
  • Running an Oral Hearing
  • Sanctions
  • Chairing Skills

Our Training Methodology  

In response to training needs our approach is a blended one involving acquiring necessary knowledge and applying it correctly. Our experience is that individuals learn best in a safe simulated environment through using realistic case scenarios. This allows our attendees to learn through practice, identifying any questions or concerns and addressing them during training. Past attendees report that they gain enormously from our training. 

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