The Role of Expert Witnesses in Disciplinary Complaints

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The Role of Expert Witnesses in Disciplinary Complaints

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This Role of Experts in Disciplinary Complaints training programme for Professional Regulators covers the following topics:

  • Understanding the statutory role of regulators and their governing legislation
  • What acting in the public interest means
  • The complaints process and stages under various governing legislation
  • The statutory grounds of complaint
  • The definition of professional misconduct and poor professional performance
  • The implication of the Supreme Court’s judgment in Corbally v Medical Council 2015
  • Understanding what serious means in the context of complaints 
  • The definition, role and duties of expert witnesses
  • The role of screening committees in the investigation of complaints
  • Understanding what is required of experts at the screening stage of the complaints process
  • The role of expert witnesses at the inquiry stage of the complaints process 
  • Understanding the expert’s brief
  • What is required of the expert’s report?
  • Who is entitled to see the expert’s report and what are they entitled to see?
  • Experts giving evidence at an inquiry – what is required of them?
  • The expert’s preparation for an inquiry
  • Expert’s testimony - do’s and don’ts

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