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Pay & Display Parking

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A system of vehicle parking and stopping restrictions is in place throughout Ireland ensuring careless parking does not cause obstructions or impinge on safety. Most Local Authorities have Traffic Divisions or Roads Departments which are responsible for creating bye-laws that list places with parking restrictions (disc parking, permit parking, car parks and “pay and display”) and decide the value of parking fines.

La Touche Training has created a unique training programme to assist local authority staff with this process.

This two day training course will ensure officers know exactly what is required of them in relation to the drafting and enforcing of traffic bye-laws including learning how to draft, issue and serve a summons in line with local authority legislation.

Delegates will also learn the procedures for giving evidence. Whilst legislation is the same for every local authority, this legal training will create a uniform approach to parking enforcement throughout all local authorities.

Key Learning Points

Upon course completion delegates will:

  • Understand the role and responsibilities of the traffic warden
  • Understand the legislation required and the process of drafting the bye-laws
  • Know when bye-laws may be over ridden (Garda Síochana / Special Traffic Regulation)
  • Understand issues on data protection, including data collected on hand-held unit/camera
  • Understand key legislation –Road Traffic Acts (1961-2014), The Local Authorities (Traffic Wardens) Act 1975 and associated regulations
  • Know how to gather evidence incorporating notes, photographs, and all proofs necessary
  • Understand fixed charge offence notices (fixed penalty system)
  • Know how to draft reminder letters and draft, issue and serve a summons
  • Be confident appearing in court and giving evidence

Who should attend:

  • Administrative Officers
  • Traffic Wardens
  • Inspectors
  • Officers creating traffic plans
  • Officers drafting bye-laws
  • Managerial Staff of Traffic Division / Roads Department


"The training was excellent from start to finish. The trainer was very well prepared with all attendees getting a huge amount from this practical training course as well as comprehensive course materials. I would recommend La Touche Training to any Local Authority with similar needs.” 

Donal Walker, A/Senior Executive Engineer, Roads and Housing Capital Directorate, Donegal County Council