Overview of Environmental Law

This training is designed to give delegates an overview of environmental law and will explore the important role of environmental legislation.

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Overview of Environmental Law

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This training course is delivered virtually by an experienced lawyer during an interactive session.

This programmes is particularly suited to those new to environmental departments and for those engaged in administrative roles.

For delegates working within the areas of waste management and litter, this course will assist with the practicalities of file management and the serving of notices and documents.

Key learning points:

1. Introduction to environmental law

  • What is environmental law?
  • Key themes in environmental law
  • Environmental governance- key players-who does what?
  • Different dimensions- international law, EU law, national law
  • Core environmental Principles
  • Role of the courts
  • Core challenges- Climate change

2. The EPA

  • What is the role of the EPA?
  • How is it made up?
  • Relationship between the EPA and other Agencies

3. Planning

  • An examination of the role of planning and its interaction with environmental law
  • EIA
  • Housing

4. Air

  • Dealing with air pollution
  • Who does what
  • How is air pollution managed?

5. Natural Habitats

  • The Role of the NPWS
  • Enforcement of Wildlife Law
  • Biodiversity
  • Appropriate Assessment and The Habitats Directive

6. Noise

  • Noise pollution
  • Enforcement

7. Water

  • The role of Irish Water
  • Other agencies managing water resources

8. Climate Change

  • Key legislation in relation to climate change
  • Future plans

If you'd like to plan this training course for your organisation at a specific date and venue please contact us directly and we'll arrange this with you.