Governance in Professional Regulation

Over the last 13 years La Touche Training has worked with the majority of regulatory bodies in Ireland and continues to do so. We have gained vast experience and have built up an expertise in the provision of effective training for regulators, enhancing their skills and performance. 

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Governance in Professional Regulation

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This Governance training programme for Professional Regulators covers the following areas:

  • The relationship between right touch regulation and good governance
  • What does good governance mean and look like for regulatory bodies
  • Understanding the statutory role of regulators and their governing legislation
  • The role and structure of statutory regulatory bodies
  • Roles, duties, accountability and responsibilities
  • The significance of the role of the Council or Board
  • The role of the Registrar/ CEO
  • The role of the executive
  • The importance of strategic vision and a strategic plan
  • Identifying the key risks and effective risk management
  • The work of Committees
  • Governance Codes and Guidance documentation
  • The importance of effective working relationships
  • Conducting Performance Reviews    

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