Data Protection in the Health sector

Given the immense sensitivity of medical records, it is imperative that professionals in this sector are clear about their use of patient data. This highly practical 1-Day course is essential for those accessing, maintaining or creating medical records.

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Data Protection in the Health sector

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The confidentiality of patient records is central to the ethical tradition of health and social care and is in line with the requirements of the Data Protection Acts.

Key Learning Points

  • Data Protection and Freedom of Information – similarities and differences
  • Access to records – Data Protection/Freedom of Information/Routine and Administrative Access
  • Disclosure – particularly to third parties
  • Data controllers/data processors - medical staff in private and public practice
  • Restrictions on rights of access to documents
  • Patient privacy
  • Consent in the context of Data Protection legislation
  • Records management
  • Use of mobile telephones
  • Encryption and protection of documents
  • Retention of records
  • The use of case studies specifically related to the medical setting