Councils/Boards in Fitness to Practise Matters

Over the last 13 years La Touche Training has worked with the majority of regulatory bodies in Ireland and continues to do so. We have gained vast experience and have built up an expertise in the provision of effective training for regulators, enhancing their skills and performance. 

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Councils/Boards in Fitness to Practise Matters

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This Fitness to Practise training programme for Professional Regulators covers the following topics:

  • The A to Z of the complaints process under the governing legislation   
  • Understanding the meaning of “acting in the public interest”
  • The statutory role of Council/Boards in the complaints process
  • The statutory role and responsibilities of the screening Committee and Committee of Inquiry
  • The grounds of complaint  
  • The implication of the Supreme Court’s judgment in Corbally v Medical Council 2015
  • Understanding what serious means in the context of complaints
  • Dealing with cases that may warrant an application to the High Court for an immediate suspension of registration 
  •  What does prima facie mean in the context of the screening stage of the complaint?
  • Dealing with non prima facie findings by the screening Committee
  • Dealing with cases involving indictable convictions
  • Determining sanctions to be imposed when there are findings at an inquiry
  • What happens at sanction hearings
  • The importance of guidance and conditions banks
  • The right to appeal to the High Court
  • Sanction confirmation hearings in the High Court  
  • Notification and publication under the governing legislation
  • Relevant legal judgments and updates

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