Chairing Skills in Regulation

Over the last 13 years La Touche Training has worked with the majority of regulatory bodies in Ireland and continues to do so. We have gained vast experience and have built up an expertise in the provision of effective training for regulators, enhancing their skills and performance. 

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Chairing Skills in Regulation

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This Chairing Skills training programme for Professional Regulators covers the following areas:

  • Understanding your role as Chair and what is involved
  • Understanding the Terms of Reference/statutory role of the Committee/Board
  • The overriding duty to act in the public interest
  • Working effectively with the executive staff
  • Managing the work of the Committee/Board
  • Understanding the statutory criteria for decisions
  • Managing conflict of interest scenarios
  • Chairing meetings effectively
  • Understanding how groups work and how collective decisions are made
  • Knowing when to seek external advice
  • Identifying and managing the influence of unconscious bias
  • Ensuring there is clear rationale for decisions made
  • Identifying when members require training and ensuring training is provided

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