Certified Cyber Investigator Qualifications (CCI)

Internationally recognised qualifications designed to equip staff with the essential skills and knowledge to undertake cyber investigations to best practice standards.

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Certified Cyber Investigator Qualifications (CCI)

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Why become a Certified Cyber Investigator (CCI)?

Cyber investigation now forms part of almost all criminal and civil investigations. This creates the need for investigators to have a level of understanding of cyber investigation that allows them to exploit digital evidence in fast time and use what they discover to move an investigation forward quickly to ensure the capture of further evidential material.

It is essential that investigators are able to undertake this work competently, effectively and safely and produce evidence that can withstand scrutiny.

La Touche Training has developed two qualifications, designed by leading experts, to ensure that those who are involved in cyber investigations have the knowledge, skills and confidence to conduct a digital investigation into any type of criminal activity or incident that could occur in the cyber environment or in support of conventional investigations.

This qualification is designed to:

  • Equip learners with the necessary skills, knowledge and confidence to carry out cyber investigations competently and in line with current best practice standards
  • Allow learners to demonstrate their competency in achieving a nationally recognised qualification, should they be challenged in court or tribunal
  • Ensure that learners can offer support and advice to colleagues around the cyber related opportunities in ongoing investigations
  • Provide learners with an engaging and immersive learning experience, where new skills can be practised and developed in a safe and controlled environment

Qualifications details

There are two qualifications offered.

Part 1 is a BTEC Level 5 Professional Award in Cyber Investigations, accredited by the examining body Edexcel. This qualification consists of some pre-course work, 4-days face-to-face training and a post-course written assessment.

Those who undertake the Professional Award in Cyber Investigations and successfully complete the assessment can upgrade to Part 2 to become a BTEC Level 5 Certified Cyber Investigator (CCI).

This Certificate is accredited by the examining body Edexcel. In order to become a CCI, learners must undertake a further 3-days’ face-to-face training, some pre-course work and a post-course written assessment

Who should attend:

Any investigator who undertakes or supports investigations where computers networks, phones or other digital technology may feature, as well as those who wish to ‘future proof’ their current investigative practices.

The programme is also suitable for those who manage and direct cyber specialists involved in investigations.

It is recommended that those attending this programme have some prior knowledge of or training in open source internet investigations.

A unique approach in both the Design & Delivery of your training needs

For programmes delivered "in house" or specially for your organisation and teams, La Touche Training will work closely with key personnel to ensure the training is tailored to your organisation’s specific needs, incorporating your policies and procedures, responsibilities, key legislation and relationships with other agencies/organisations.

Part 1: BTEC Level 5 Professional Award in Cyber Investigations - 4 days

For further information, please see the BTEC Level 5 Professional Award in Cyber Investigations course page

Part 2: BTEC Level 5 Certified Cyber Investigator (CCI) - 3 days

For further information, please see the BTEC Level 5 Certified Cyber Investigator (CCI) course page

Meet the tutors

Jon Blake, Director of Cyber & Intelligence with Platinum 3P

Jon has over 28 years’ detective experience as an investigator and covert intelligence specialist with the Metropolitan Police Service, New Scotland Yard, London. He specialises in Internet and cybercrime investigation, covert operations and risk. He retired from the service in 2014 with an exemplary service record. Jon has a unique blend of experience, having served in varied operational policing, policy development and training roles and he has been the driving force behind several ground-breaking national training and CPD programmes, many of which have been adopted internationally. 

Carol Brooks: Managing Director – Platinum 3P Limited and Managing Director Gold Business Consulting Limited

"I am a Business Psychologist having studied Psychology at undergraduate level (1986) and gained an MSc Organisational Psychology from the University of Manchester (1995). I have an initial 17 years’ experience at senior leader and Board level in the public and academic sectors within Greater Manchester, followed by 13 years’ experience of building and running my own private sector businesses, providing consultancy, training and development services both within the UK and internationally."