Aggressive Behaviour: how to manage it effectively

At times members of the public react to stressful situations by being aggressive. It’s important to respond appropriately when your interests and safety are at stake. With a respectful approach and assertive communication, you may turn aggression into cooperation.

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Aggressive Behaviour: how to manage it effectively

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This 1-day course on managing aggressive behaviour is designed to give practical guidance to local authority staff who face situations of aggression or conflict as part of their professional role. It will help them deal more effectively with situations of aggression and give them the confidence and ability to avoid or diffuse aggression in others.

Key Learning Points:

  • Understand the difference between assertiveness and aggression
  • Analyse behaviour and communication triggers to aggression
  • Detect behaviour indicative of possible conflict or aggressive behaviour
  • Understand how to express yourself in a fair and assertive way
    (including managing stress and pressure)
  • Use risk assessment and arrangement techniques to avoid or diffuse aggression in others
  • Utilise psychology in the management of aggression
  • Collate learning from incidents of aggression
  • Devise strategies to avoid risk to personal safety
  • Implement lawful strategies to effectively manage aggression

Legislation covered in this training programme include:

  • The Constitution
  • The Human Rights and Equality Act 2014
  • Obstruction offences in environmental legislation

This course is on the LASNTG Framework and has grant funding.

To avail of grant funding through the LASNTG, you must book through your Local Regional Training Centre.