Accident Investigation Training

An intensive and highly practical programme delivered by qualified and practicing lawyers where delegates will learn about the do’s and don’ts in the 24-hour period after an accident has occurred.

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Accident Investigation Training

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Delegates will leave gaining the skills required to conduct a full and impartial investigation that will provide for effective risk management and adequate defence of any potential civil or criminal legal proceedings.

Detailed accident investigation training is deemed as essential to effective risk management, despite this many staff members do not know what to do in the “golden 24 hour period” after an accident occurs. The result is that essential information is lost or tainted.

On this course delegates will learn the competencies and skills required to apply best practice in their investigation of an accident. They will learn how to deal with and respond to external investigators when they arrive on site.

Attendees will learn the skills required to collect, store and record essential information to minimise the risk of the accident happening again and where appropriate to defend the organisation in a civil or criminal case.

Key Learning Points

  • How to respond immediately when an accident occurs
  • How to deal with external investigators – i.e. the HSA or Gardaí
  • Civil and criminal proceedings arising out of an accident
  • Recent Developments in civil and criminal litigation
  • Evidence – the rules, admissibility
  • Best practice in note taking and record management
  • How to interview witnesses
  • What a good statement looks like
  • Writing the investigation report

Accident Investigations Part 1

The opening part of this training cover important legal aspects of accident investigation including recent changes and developments in the conduct of civil and criminal proceedings that may arise out of an accident.

  • Staff who handle investigations will learn about recent HSA prosecutions where individuals have been held criminally liable.
  • Delegates will also gain and understanding of the different stages of personal injuries litigation and what information is needed to enable lawyers to draft proper pleadings and verify affidavits.
  • They will learn what to do when a HSA inspector or Garda member arrive on site to conduct an investigation.

Accident Investigations Part 2

The second second section of this programme will focus on the practical aspects of accident investigation.

  • Delegates will learn about the rules and admissibility of evidence and what is required to maintain the integrity of proofs.
  • They will gain skills to take proper notes & make good records, conduct interviews of witnesses, write good statements and investigation reports.

Trainer's profile

All of our training is conducted by our team of barristers and solicitors. Our trainers are qualified lawyers as well as trained trainers. They are very experienced and are skilled with helping delegates to get the most out of each course.

Who should attend?

Anyone with responsibility for staff including managers, supervisors, Human Resource staff and Health & Safety Personnel.

This intensive training programme is aimed at any public or private sector staff who are involved in investigating, handling, and managing employer and public liability claims.

Delegates learn how to respond to and effectively manage incident/accidents, from the initial investigation, through all stages of the legal process until the trial or settlement of the action.

The training incorporates analysis of recent important legislative changes, which have had an impact on the handling of claims.

Assessment and certification

All delegates are assessed on the course and are given a certificate on completion of the programme.

This course is accredited by Engineers Ireland.

Note to Local Authorities: this course is on the LASNTG Framework and has grant funding. To avail of grant funding through the LASNTG, you must book through your Local Regional Training Centre.

If you'd like to plan this training course for your organisation at a different date please contact us directly and we'll arrange this with you.

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