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  • Environmental Inspection Skills - 26 & 27 July - Dublin

    For further information contact Fergal O'Neill on or call 01 8788 255

    Course available:

    CPD Hours: 12

  • Excellence in Report Writing - 14 November 2017

    A one-day course designed to provide all professionals who are required to write reports with the necessary knowledge and skills to prepare their reports to best practice standards.

    Course available: In-HousePublic

    CPD Hours: Can merit 6 CPD Hours

  • Courtroom Skills - 13 September 2017, 15 November 2017

    A highly practical and experiential course designed for any professional who may be called upon to give evidence in any legal forum; civil or criminal. Attendees will learn how to present evidence under cross-examination by looking at the theory, practice and procedure of giving evidence and will then practice their skills in a cross examination roleplay.

    Course available: In-HousePublic

    CPD Hours: Can merit 6 CPD Hours

  • Cross Examination Skills - 16 November 2017

    This is an advanced training day, which follows on from our Courtoom Skills day and builds on what was learned on that course. It further increases the confidence and effectiveness of an individual when giving evidence in any legal forum whether civil or criminal. Delegates learn how to combat cross-examination techniques and gain mastery of their delivery.

    Course available: In-HousePublic

    CPD Hours: Can merit 6 CPD Hours

  • Employment Law - Rights, Investigations, Disputes and Redress - Autumn 2017

    If you are interested in running this course in-house contact Fergal O'Neill on 01 8788 265 or email Employment law is a critical part of business and has become increasingly complex in recent years. The employer/employee relationship in Ireland is heavily regulated by contract law, judicial precedent, domestic legislation and European Union directives, each conferring different rights and obligations on employers and employees alike. Significant changes to the dispute resolution landscape have occurred since the establishment of the Workplace Relations Commission who are now responsible for the inspection of employment rights compliance, the issuing of compliance notices and the initiation of prosecutions against offending employers. Failure to comply with legislation can be time consuming and costly – both financially and reputationally. With the Irish economy steadily improving, employers have a renewed focus on getting the best from their staff and compliance in this critical area of business is key.

    Course available: Public

    CPD Hours: 6

  • You're invited! 28 September. Free Briefing Event - Anti Money Laundering, Compliance and Financial Crime Prevention

    This event is for those interested or already working in the areas of AML, Compliance or Financial Crime to hear from Industry experts on updates and trends in these areas. There will also be an opportunity to meet with AML/FCP Diploma course managers to discuss course options, the application process and any other questions you may have.

    Course available: Public

    CPD Hours: 2